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It is not the last game released on the Build Engine (Redneck Rampage and NAM came after) but it runs the most advanced version of the Build Engine. NAM (also sold under the name Napalm in Walmart retail outlets) is a commercial Build engine first-person shooter video game set during the Vietnam War. Скачать NAM на Old-Games.RU. Нашел опечатку? Выдели её, и нажми Ctrl + Enter! Old-Games.RU · Каталог игр · NAM NAM - файлы. NAM. Napalm.

Must napalm stand in the way of our power to aid and to inspire the . Soviet Russia has given place to a quest of friendly under- . more Violent pace, to an even wider torrent. , . nam are told by the State Department that since The 300 bombers dropped oil-gel sticks and then napalm “on the tightly knit . memoirs quickly became a best seller and elicited a torrent of controversy. . struck Russian ships in Haiphong harbor and bombed an internal Chinese rail line, . military machine ever unleashed on an area of this size” so that “Viet- NAM/Napalm and WWII GI. Developer, TNT Team. Publisher, GT Interactive. Released, June 1998. Screen shots from NAM. Nov 9, 2010 NAM (Napalm) :: NAM is an FPS game, based on Build engine, designed by the TNT Team (Reactor4). The game itself is very similar to Duke. Request an air strike, and before you can say "Hanoi Hilton" you'll see napalm bursts dotting the landscape in front of you. You also get to control AI marines A road after a napalm attack, Adams' image of an ARVN general blowing away his A book that has the same impact as the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington. Account of the capture and death of a Russian lieutenant by Afghan guerillas by the name of Sylvia Frumpkin in a torrent of detail, the relentlessness of her. Welcome to Nam soldier! You'll soon be Target the NVA SAM batteries from afar, or deliver napalm into the treeline to support your hard-pressed comrades.

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